Why the 21st Century Customers Want Custom Everything

The Mass Production Finale
There are a number of reasons why mass production of goods and services are no longer the ideal of 21st Century customers. The reasons include but are not limited to:
. General dissatisfaction with lack of quality of mass production
. Preference for customization
. Desire for B2C relationships that build a loyal bond
. Direct access to business owners and staff
. Speedier delivery of goods and services
. Easier payment methods
Shopping for Custom Everything
The 21st Century shopper has changed shopping habits in ways that fit their busy lifestyles. Take for instance the virtual shopping cart used in 2019 by 50 billion shoppers worldwide.

In 2017 209 million social media users began to shop online for a plethora of custom items found in social media ads.

Why Do 21st Century Customers Want Custom Goods and Services?
There is more to the reasons why modern shoppers want custom goods and services. These additional reasons are based on personal preferences as well as the desire for satisfaction of their specific needs.

The other less prominent reason is to stay ahead of fashion trends. This is a modern customer base that is highly competitive, creative and willing to pay a little more for custom services and goods.

Savvy retailers have adjusted their inventories and POS displays to meet the demands for custom products. These include custom T shirts, kitchen, automotive, hi tech and gardening gadgets. Custom services include:
. Personalized embroidering and sewing
. Grocery delivery
. Restaurant prepared meals for delivery
. Custom interior decorating for home and business
. Custom printing

Customized Fun Fashions
21st Century customers flock to online sites, shopping mall kiosks and stores that offer custom services and goods.

One of the most popular trends is a custom T shirt. The popularity of T shirts with custom printing is expected to grow to $6.9 billion in the next seven years.

The Entrepreneurship Spirit and 21st Century Customers
When the entrepreneurial spirit struck Jose Cruz, he realized the T shirt trend was not going to disappear among modern customers. He was inspired to establish the full service ,T shirt business, Customized Ink T Shirt.

At Customized Ink T Shirt, mass produced is out and customization is the magnet that draws loyal customers. Located at 600 Broadway in New York City, modern customers can choose long sleeve hoodies, tank tops, long sleeve sweatshirts, as well as short sleeve T shirts all with custom printing.

Online Shopping for the Ultimate Convenience
When birthdays, holidays and special occasions roll around, what better way to whittle down the gift list than with a Customized Ink T shirt, hoodie, tank top or sweatshirt with personalized print?

If you want your own personalized message, it’s as simple as ordering online at Custom Ink T Shirt. Maybe you have a favorite pet who needs a little “fame” or a special loved one who deserves mention.

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