Why Organizing your wardrobe de-clutters your life
Does your life feel cluttered, disorganized, or overbearing? If so, you can start feeling less closed-in by getting your closet in order. Why? How? Let’s explore.

Closet Clutter Is A Leach To Your Time And Space

Whether it’s the dilemma of nothing to wear, meaning you have an exact outfit in mind and don’t have all the components, or you have a full closet of nothing you actually want to wear, the result is a lot of wasted space and time cluttering up your life.

How much time? A recent study actually found that the average woman spends 16 minutes on weekdays and 14 minutes on weekends figuring out what to wear. The lifetime cumulative of that is over a year of life wasted to your closet. Decluttering means you aren’t wasting time considering items that aren’t enhancing your wardrobe and making your life easier.

How much space? Guilt over a barely used, gifted, or new item that you really don’t like. The hopefuls – clothes that don’t fit, but you hang on to the hope they will one day. Trendy items and relics that didn’t work for you or are a thing of yore. The what ifs that you may need for an occasion. It all adds up to wasted, cluttered space that’s a leach to your style and time.

Clutter Is A Leach To Your Mental Health

Unfortunately, the impact of clutter isn’t just an inconvenient time and space issue. Research has dubbed the physical and mental impacts of clutter as the “clutter effect.” And, no, clutter isn’t just a hoarding issue. Clutter occurs when you fill a space beyond its capacity. It also occurs when your space is too filled with the useless to accommodate the useful.

Studies show that clutter has a negative impact on your ability to comfortably navigate your activities of daily living, which includes basics like getting dressed each day. Tasks like visual processing and critical thinking can be slowed, and anxiety, stress, depression, and moodiness can be heightened. That’s the last way to start a productive day, right?

Declutter Your Wardrobe To Help Organize Your Life

It’s important to understand that an “organized” closet isn’t just about keeping seasonal clothes together and out of the fray and color-coding the hanging arrangement. The key ingredient will always be what you have in your closet. Here are some tips to help you keep the what in focus:

• If you haven’t worn it in six months, then consider donating/ selling it.

• If you don’t either love it or need it, then consider donating/selling it.

• If it’s too difficult to wear, a poor fit, or the wrong size, then consider donating/selling it.

• Obtain matches for stray articles you love/need so they can be utilized.

• Replace the mishmash with mix-and-match staple pieces that offer you versatility and greater function with less articles.

• Add dual-use pieces , such as customized, personalized t-shirts that can be both causal and business-causal.

In closing, your closet is one of those basic pivot points in your life. If cluttered, it can steal time, energy, money, space, and even your health. But, when well-organized and decluttered, then your wardrobe supports the way you want to live your personal and professional life.

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