Lies the fashion industry has told us that held us back from joy

The fashion industry loves to sell a specific model of beauty, which are lies that can hold us back from joy. Here are the big ones.

Lie one: Sizing is accurate

There is actually very little consistency in sizing across the fashion industry. Small, medium and large aren’t always completely accurate, and they can vary from brand to brand. Every clothing site has to have a size guide to help consumers understand how that company sizes its products.

That can lead to hours of frustration while shopping. Inaccurate sizing holds folks back from embracing their true selves and being proud of their natural size.

Custom clothing enables the wearer to have a truly personalized fashion experience. Everyone should feel comfortable in their skin and what they wear.

Lie two: Wearing a brand equals status

Brands are everywhere in people’s lives from the moment they are born. It’s a lie the fashion industry tells that wearing the latest brand will make the wearer cool.

Here’s the truth. Brands and fashions come and go. What’s hot today could be old news tomorrow. People are clamoring for individual looks that make them proud to be themselves, with images and graphics that speak to their personality. Mass-produced glamour is out.

Lie three: Fast fashion is the only option

Fast fashion has dictated today’s hottest trends for decades. Stock rotates every week and sometimes even every few days. This forces consumers to come back to the mall regularly to stay current.

Fast fashion also has a terrible environmental impact. Research from April of this year shows that the industry has to clean up its act big-time. The fashion industry produces 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide pollution.

Fortunately, consumers are now waking up and becoming more eco-conscious than ever before. They want to know where their clothes were manufactured, how much the garment workers were paid, and what materials were used. Big-name fashion brands have been forced to become radically transparent in their manufacturing processes.

Consumers are also recognizing the value of having just a few garments that will last a lifetime. It’s expensive to be constantly buying new clothes every season. A high quality t-shirt with a custom image or text will last for years.

Lie four: Celebrities dictate what’s hot

This is perhaps the biggest lie of all. A quick scroll through social media will reveal celebrities modeling this designer or that designer, with all the required hashtags and mentions. What these posts sometimes won’t say is that the celebrity was paid to model that skirt or those shoes. This trend is usually more obvious with social media influencers.

But if society gave celebrities and influencers this power, it can also take it away. We can decide for ourselves what to think, buy, and wear. A custom sweatshirt sends the message that we don’t need a big logo or social media following to be proud of who we are. Everyone is unique, beautiful, and strong.

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